Jake May '19


If I May: Why I Keep Returning to “The Social Network”

by Jake May '19, Columnist || August 29 2018 || 147-25

I am not a “film-buff,” as the cool kids say, but I do have a lot of opinions about movies. I do not see all the movies nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, but I do still find a way to be angry about whichever movie wins (at least most of the time).


If I May: Grappling with Senior Year

by Jake May '19, Columnist || August 31 2018 || 148-1

As of writing this article, I have not yet arrived to campus. In fact, I haven’t even made concrete plans to head up to Amherst. At first, I assumed this lack of planning was due to my chronic procrastination...


If I May: Schwemm's Sadness

by Jake May '19, Columnist || September 12 2018 || 148-2

This past Friday night, as my latest attempt to “go out” at Amherst wound down, I found myself in a familiar position: hungry, specifically for mozzarella sticks. I remembered that our beloved Schwemm’s had been renovated, and I was eager to check it out (and also to get mozz sticks)...


If I May: Why Did Colin Jost and Michael Che Host the Emmys?

by Jake May '19, Columnist || September 19 2018 || 148-3

Columnist Jake May '19 reviews Colin Jost and Michael Che's performance in Monday night's Emmy Award show.


If I May: Reflecting on Tiger Woods

by Jake May '19, Columnist || September 26 2018 || 148-4

Columnist Jake May celebrates Tiger Woods' come-back, and what it means for the athlete's career, fans and family.


If I May: Trying to Understand Astrology

by Jake May '19, Columnist || October 3 2018 || 148-5

Columnist Jake May attempts to understand astrology (or at least, those who are obsessed with it).


Four Things I Like and/or Don’t Like

by Jake May '19, Columnist || October 17 2018 || 148-6

Last year, editors decreed that I was writing “too many listicles” and that The Amherst Student is a “serious newspaper.” So, this year I am trying to space out my listicles so that it will not be obvious that I am writing too many.


If I May: When is Halloweekend?

by Jake May '19, Columnist || October 24 2018 || 148-7

Columnist Jake May '19 weighs the benefits and disadvantages of the two different weekends on which students could celebrate Halloween.


If I May: Six Bands to Explore

by Jake May '19, Columnist || October 31 2018 || 148-8

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote briefly about what a joy it is to get into new music. So, for this week’s column, I decided to share some music that readers may be aware of.


If I May: The Case for Pass/Fail

by Jake May '19, Columnist || November 28 2018 || 148-10

Columnist Jake May '19 discovers the intellectual benefits of taking a class Pass/Fail.


If I May: The Brilliance of Stephen Hillenberg in Five Moments

by Jake May '19, Columnist || December 5 2018 || 148-11

In honor of SpongeBob Squarepants creator Stephen Hillenberg, Jake May '19 highlights the cartoon's top five moments.