Jamie Mazzola ’21


The Mazzola Minute: NBA Playoffs Update

by Jamie Mazzola ’21, Columnist || August 29 2018 || 147-25

The New Orleans Pelicans completed a four-game sweep of the Portland Trail Blazers in the first round of the 2018 NBA playoffs on Saturday, April 21.


Depth and Senior Leadership Key to Women’s Cross Country

by Jamie Mazzola ’21, Columnist || August 31 2018 || 148-1

The Amherst women’s cross country team looks poised for improvement and another strong campaign...


Women’s Cross Country Takes Eighth at Purple Valley Classic

by Jamie Mazzola ’21, Columnist || September 26 2018 || 148-4

The women's cross country squad faced a challenging field of competitors in their most recent contest...


The Mazzola Minute: The Return of the Champs

by Jamie Mazzola ’21, Columnist || November 7 2018 || 148-9

Jamie explores why the Golden State Warriors, led by Steph Curry are playing with the same dynamism of their successful 2015-2016 campaign...