Shawna Chen '20


Counseling Center to Add Counselor After Increase in Student Demand

by Shawna Chen '20, Editor-in-Chief || August 31 2018 || 148-1

The Counseling Center will hire a new counselor this fall amid increasing student need for counseling services...


Students Voice Need for More Counseling Resources

by Shawna Chen '20, Editor-in-Chief || September 12 2018 || 148-2

Last week, The Student reported on the search for a new counselor to supplement resources at the Counseling Center...


Low Voter Turnout Spurs New Registration Initiatives

by Shawna Chen '20, Editor-in-Chief || September 19 2018 || 148-3

9.5 percent of Amherst’s eligible student body voted in the 2014 midterm elections, according to a report by the National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement (NSLVE).


Writer Min Jin Lee to Teach at College

by Shawna Chen '20, Editor-in-Chief || September 26 2018 || 148-4

Renowned author and National Book Award finalist Min Jin Lee will join the college as a writer-in-residence starting in the 2019-2020 academic year. Her three-year appointment to the English department comes after her appearance at the college’s LitFest in March 2018.


Journalist Serves the World With His Words

by Shawna Chen '20, Editor-in-Chief || November 9 2018 || 148-9

A powerful storyteller and compassionate reporter, Scott Wilson ’88 pushes boundaries no matter where he goes.


College Conducts External Review of Accessibility

by Shawna Chen '20, Editor-in-Chief || November 28 2018 || 148-10

Two nationally-recognized experts arrived at the college this week to begin a series of assessments on accessibility services and support.


Student Stories Call For Climate Action

by Shawna Chen '20, Editor-in-Chief || December 5 2018 || 148-11

Nearly 200 people filtered in and out of Frost Library on Wednesday, Nov. 28 for “Student Voices from the Frontlines of Climate Change,” an event hosted by Students for Climate Action (SCA) and sponsored by the Association of Amherst Students (AAS).


A Flawed System: The Burden of Service Among Faculty of Color

by Shawna Chen '20, Editor-in-Chief || February 6 2019 || 148-12

The Student conducted interviews with nearly a dozen faculty members to investigate possible disparities among faculty at the college.


A Flawed System: Navigating Racist Encounters

by Shawna Chen '20, Editor-in-Chief || February 12 2019 || 148-13

Professors of color discussed extra burdens of service and emotional labor as work not acknowledged by the college, while internal reports showed that professors of color were denied tenure at significantly higher rates than white professors.


A Flawed System: Professors of Color Face Hurdles in Obtaining Tenure

by Shawna Chen '20, Editor-in-Chief || February 20 2019 || 148-14

The process of obtaining tenure in academia is somewhat shrouded in secrecy. Though tenure does not grant a professor immunity from being fired, it does prevent a college from firing a professor without due reason. Tenure has been, and remains difficult, to attain.


A Flawed System: The Obstacles of Shared Governance

by Shawna Chen '20, Editor-in-Chief || February 27 2019 || 148-15

Because the college operates on the basis of faculty governance, very little is actually mandatory for faculty members at the college. Oftentimes, the lack of a more structured approach leads to little action on axes of diversity and inclusion.


Members of Men’s Lacrosse Posted Snapchat Photos of Unconscious Person with Swastika Drawn on Face

by Shawna Chen '20, Editor-in-Chief || March 27 2019 || 148-18

A swastika was drawn on the face of an unconscious person at a men’s lacrosse party in December 2018, according to information obtained by The Student. Members of the men’s lacrosse team then took photos of the person and circulated them on social media.


President Martin’s Email Addresses Recent College Controversies

by Shawna Chen '20, Editor-in-Chief || April 17 2019 || 148-21

A ruling by the Judiciary Council (JC) that sanctioned the Amherst College Republicans (ACR) for transphobic comments in their GroupMe incited public concern from members of the administration last week.


College Community Protests, Organizes Against Jeff Sessions

by Shawna Chen '20, Editor-in-Chief || April 25 2019 || 148-22

The Amherst community demonstrated against former attorney general Jeff Sessions in a variety of ways on Wednesday, April 24, as his scheduled talk at 8 p.m. in Johnson Chapel loomed over campus.


The Beating Heart Behind All the Newsprint

by Shawna Chen '20, Editor-in-Chief || May 23 2019 || 148-22

Isabel Tessier has contributed more than 30,000 words and countless hours to this community. It’s simply impossible to add up.