Jae Yun Ham '22


Grappling with Self-Segregation on Campus

by Jae Yun Ham '22, Contributing Writer || September 12 2018 || 148-2

After growing up in Hawaii, a state full of racial diversity, I found myself excited at the prospect of joining a campus well-known for its commitment to finding students from across the globe...


A Call for Individual Accountability in Dorm Damage

by Jae Yun Ham '22, Contributing Writer || October 3 2018 || 148-5

How far is too far? Jae Yun Ham '22 explores dorm damage policy and how current rules can unfairly target students in their homes.


For Asian Americans, There is No Winning in the Harvard Lawsuit

by Jae Yun Ham '22, Contributing Writer || October 24 2018 || 148-7

The Harvard case, while only one legal suit, may very well become the megaphone that Asian Americans use to break the cycle of oppression. The only question lies in whether or not we use it.