Jack Malague '19


The Hot Corner: Acuña Vs. Ureña

by Jack Malague '19, Columnist || September 12 2018 || 148-2

Jack Malague examines the recent debate in Major League Baseball over its “unwritten rules” after one of the game’s bright young stars was forced to leave a game after being intentionally hit during an at-bat...


The Hot Corner: NFL's New Rules

by Jack Malague '19, Columnist || September 26 2018 || 148-4

Jack Malague examines the controversies surrounding the National Football League’s recently-implemented rules governing player safety, anthem protesting, the definition of a “catch” and the protection of the quarterback...


The Hot Corner: Chicago Cubs

by Jack Malague '19, Columnist || October 3 2018 || 148-5

The Chicago Cubs’ recent inability to reach the World Series after their 2016 triumph speaks to the difficult nature of consistent dominance in the modern era of Major League Baseball.


The Hot Corner: Ghosts of October

by Jack Malague '19, Columnist || October 31 2018 || 148-8

Malague explores the Boston Red Soxs’ recent World Series win, and how players that many had discounted were instrumental in the team’s success.