Yannis Kalogiannis '19


John McCain's (Deeply) Political Legacy

by Yannis Kalogiannis '19, Contributing Writer || September 12 2018 || 148-2

On Aug. 25, a little more than two weeks ago, Senator John McCain passed away at the age of 81, succumbing to a devastating form of brain cancer. What followed on social media and in newspaper columns across the country was an overwhelming, albeit predictable, barrage of reactions...


Saudi Arabia: Inaction is Not An Option

by Yannis Kalogiannis '19, Contributing Writer || October 24 2018 || 148-7

While I am not certain how exactly the U.S. ought to punish Saudi Arabia (decreasing arms sales or applying economic sanctions would be viable options and would hurt the U.S. much less than many might think), sending a signal that U.S. support is contingent on good behavior is indispensable.


America's Death Penalty and Moving Forward

by Yannis Kalogiannis '19, Contributing Writer || April 24 2019 || 148-22

Yannis Kalogiannis '19 reflects on the death penalty in the United States and describes the trajectory towards abolishing it.