Camilo Toruno '21


Red Sox: Enjoy the Victory, but Leave New York Out of It

by Camilo Toruno '21, Managing Opinions Editor || October 31 2018 || 148-8

New England, this is simply a reminder that there is no need to include New York in your celebrations. We get it, we’re pretty great, but sports bring us enough joy as is without feeding off of a petty inferiority complex.


Juliana v. United States: Changing the Legal System

by Camilo Toruno '21, Managing Opinions Editor || March 6 2019 || 148-16

Managing Opinion Editor Camilo Toruno '21 reflects upon the U.S. Supreme Court case Juliana v. United States and offers a way in which environmental law can be taken one step further.


A Meandering Path to Higher Education

by Camilo Toruno '21, Managing Opinions Editor || May 23 2019 || 148-22

Arthur Pero ’19 took time to decide that pursuing a degree in English was the right thing for him. His thoughtfulness and clear desire appreciation for learning have made his pursuit of higher education all the more enriching.