Do you want to join the Amherst Student? There are plenty of ways to come on board. Let us know what you’re interested in at [email protected]


We are always looking for thoughtful, hard working people to join our team of staff who report for news, write for opinions and arts, or cover sports! If you are interested in joining as a staff writer, please email [email protected] and let us know what section sparks your interest and why. 

Digital Developer

Join our digital team, designing our website and continuing to perfect its appearance and inner workings so that we can continue to evolve into the digital age. Some coding experience is encouraged but not required. 

Social Media Intern

Work closely with the digital team to keep our web content updated across the Student’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Work with editors to create social-media exclusive, breaking news content.

Photographer or Illustrator

Take photos, whether you’re on or off campus to bring our written words to life. Work closely with editors to find fitting visuals for the week’s stories, take photos, edit them and write captions. As an illustrator, you will also work closely with editors to determine appropriate visuals, especially when a photograph is intangible, and draw or paint them, using whichever medium you chose. Students will need to provide their own cameras and tools, though the college does provide Photoshop. 

Design Manager

Work on InDesign to create graphics for and help editors to design the text, photo, and graphic layout of our print issues. Experience with InDesign appreciated but not necessary. The college provides student access to the design softwares. 

There are currently no openings for design team members.  

Audio Engineer

Work to create The Student’s very first podcast! We are looking for tech-savvy individuals to work with our podcast team, editing audio and building in sound elements on Audacity. Sound editors will work closely with the digital team to upload and publish the piece. 

Podcast Assistant Producer 

Want to build out the content of a podcast? Work with the stellar team on The Student’s first-ever podcast to book guests, create interview questions and build audio content for the show. =

Video Team Member

Work with editors to bring our stories to life in multimedia. We are just launching a video team, and joining as an editor or film photographer would be an opportunity to build the section from the ground up. We are seeking students with some experience in video-making and a breadth of creative ideas on how to expand the budding section. 

Editing: We have positions as editor that allow you to manage the news section, opinions, arts and living or sports. Editors must have Tuesday nights free, dedicated to our weekly publication night. They are responsible for content planning, writer coordination, story editing, and section layout and publication. 

Experience on staff as a section editor is required to be considered for the editor-in-chief position. 

There are currently no openings for any editor positions. Don’t see your dream-job listed here? Feel like there’s something you want to see at The Student, that you could make happen? Let us know at [email protected]!