Submitting a Letter to the Editor or Op-Ed

Letters Policy: 

The opinion pages of The Amherst Student are intended as an open forum for the Amherst community. The Student will print letters under 800 words in length if they are submitted to the paper’s email account ([email protected]) by Sunday, after which they will not be accepted for the week’s issue. The editors reserve the right to edit any letters or to withhold any letter because of considerations of space or content. Letters must bear the names of all contributors and a phone number or email address where the author or authors may be reached. Letters and columns may be edited for clarity and Student style. 

How do I get published?

1. Write your op-ed (between 500-800 words) or pitch your topic 

2. Mail to [email protected] and [email protected] or [email protected] 

3. Submissions must be received by Sunday in order to run in this week’s paper, published on Tuesday 

4.  Editors reserve the right to work with the writer to edit the piece for clarity and Amherst Student style guidelines

How can I get my own column or launch an opinion series?

If you’re interested in a certain niche or have a unique voice to share with the Amherst community, you would probably write a great column. We  strive to represent a diverse range of voices and experiences throughout the college community. Reach out to  [email protected] and [email protected] or [email protected] to pitch your column.   

If you don’t want to be a columnist, but you do want to start a community dialogue about something that might not fit in a single op-ed, you might consider launching an opinion series! It could be for as many issues as you’d like. Check out the #IntegrateAmherst series from Spring ’19 to see an example of what that could look like. 

How can I contribute to the opinion section without writing (cartoons, etc.)?

If you’re interested in becoming a cartoonist or experimenting with some other non-writing medium, let us know!