The mission of The Amherst Student is to provide accurate, reliable information on every dimension of campus and community life at Amherst College, highlighting the issues relevant to the college’s students, faculty, staff, alumni and others in the community. The Student aims to amplify student voices and opinions, from multiple perspectives, while acting as a forum for discourse and campus conversation. We strive to live up to the essential role we play in binding the community, recognizing that we are the sole news publication centered on issues pertaining to Amherst College. 

We are a student-run weekly publication editorially independent of Amherst College and its administrators, though we depend on AAS discretionary funds for our weekly printing costs.

Read more about our mission statement and the process we took in creating it in our May 2020 editorial.

Editorial Board

Editors in Chief

Ryan Yu

Rebecca Picciotto

Managing News

Zach Jonas

Sophie Wolmer

Yee-Lynn Lee

Managing Opinion

Scott Brasesco

Skye Wu

Managing Arts and Living

Theodore Hamilton

Brooke Hoffman

Alex Brandfonbrener

Managing Sports

Ethan Samuels

Liza Katz

Liam Archacki

Digital Director

Sawyer Pollard

Managing Design

Anna Smith

Social Media Manager

Emi Eliason


Emmy Sohn