AAS Candidate Statements for 2022-2023 Senators

The Association of Amherst Students (AAS) will hold elections for two senators for the class of 2024 and eight senators for the class of 2026 on Thursday, Sept. 29, from 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. The students listed have announced their candidacies for these elections.

AAS Candidate Statements for 2022-2023 Senators
Photo courtesy of Amherst College.

The Association of Amherst Students (AAS) will hold elections for two senators for the class of 2024 and eight senators for the class of 2026 on Thursday, Sept. 29, from 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. The students listed have announced their candidacies for these elections. Candidates will also be giving candidate speeches this Wednesday, Sept. 28, at 8 p.m. in Johnson Chapel.

Class of 2024 Senators

Margaret Peng ’24

My name is Margaret. I am a junior classics, German, and European studies major, and I’d like to run for Senate. I believe Amherst’s student body can benefit from more collaboration with cultural venues at Amherst downtown, e.g., the Drake and Amherst Cinema. More channels can be open for students to submit their own work and exhibit it to the general audience. [The Office of] Student Affairs should be able to give funding to such cultural venues to support students’ artistic endeavors.

Eugena Chang ’24

Throughout my time at Amherst, I’ve had the chance to listen to the perspectives of many students on campus activities and the environment through my courses, clubs, and social events. One of the most common things I’ve noticed is the apparent disconnect between different groups of students. For example, there is rarely a collaborative opportunity for the many affinity groups on campus. Through AAS, I want to create ways for affinity groups to not only hear each other but be heard by larger, more powerful organizations and individuals on campus. I also want to find ways to support these affinity groups.

Stephanie Choi ’24

My name is Stephanie Choi, and I am interested in representing the class of 2024. It is not an exaggeration to say that my past two years at Amherst have been transformative at a local and global level. The class of 2024 especially has experienced an unprecedented time in history, academically, mentally, and regarding health. Considering this, as a senator, I want to have the ability to represent the voices of my classmates and carry out their wishes within reason. Everyone has a different way of spending their time at Amherst, so I would love to cater to as many students as possible.

Class of 2026 Senators

Shane Dillon ’26

Hello! My name is Shane Dillon, and I’m excited to announce that I am running for the Senate. I’m running because I have seen what our class has to offer. I know that we have the potential to be a forceful and unified voice for structural change, as well as smaller scale issues. I want to be a voice that listens to you, works for you, and answers to you. I will never pretend to have all of the answers, but I will seek them alongside all of you. I humbly ask for one of your eight votes when elections take place.

Jesse Brew ’26

My fellow Amherst freshman class! My name is Jesse Brew. I am from the Bronx, New York, but was born in Ghana. I am a prospective economics and math major with a passion for the game of squash. I am delighted to be running for senator this year as I hope to be the voice of my fellow peers. I want to work with the sustainability club to address the amount of plastic we use in Val and to guide students on how to compost properly. I hope to work alongside CACSAC [the Council of Amherst College Student-Athletes of Color] to highlight the unique experience of being a student-athlete.

Ayres Warren ’26

I’m running for Senate because I’m ready to represent my class and the values we hold as we begin to enter the post-Covid era. In high school, I served as president of the Integrity Council and vice president of Student Council. I am experienced in working with administration and always strive to hold all members of my communities accountable. I’m energized and excited to help navigate us through our first year of undergrad, working with other senators towards the abundance of opportunities our class hopes to pursue.

Igaju Agba ’26

My name is Igaju Agba, I am from Boston, Massachusetts, and I would like to be elected to represent the freshman class as an AAS senator. As a senator, I would hope to create a safe space for everyone on campus. As a Meiklejohn fellow, I have a unique perspective that will allow me to build a more inclusive academic and social scene. I hope to prioritize student mental health, especially for freshmen who are transitioning to campus. It is important to bridge the gap created by mental health stigmas and help students feel connected to Amherst’s strong resource centers.

Jaimie Han ’26

Hey hey hey! My name is Jaimie Han, and I’m a first-year. An important aspect of my identity is that I’m South Korean and queer, so I’m dedicated not only to uplifting our minorities, but also engaging with all perspectives and integrating us as a class. I want to serve as your liaison, reaching all of your ideas and utilizing them to enrich your experience at Amherst. I have an extensive background working in student government, so I’m prepared for this position. I’d be honored to have your vote for Senate — let’s put the “Han” in “change” together.

Arissa Grace McGowan ’26

My name is Arissa Grace McGowan, and I am running for a Senate position for the class of 2026. I actively participate in the Amherst track and field team, Intersections Dance Company, Black Students Union, the Council of Amherst College Student-Athletes of Color, and Amherst Christian Fellowship. It is very important to me to unify the different communities on this campus to create a stronger student body. In my time as a senator, I will ensure that the student body of Amherst are active participants in the change you want to see.

Ahmad Ziada ’26

I’m running for Senate because I want to be a link between Amherst and the students. Amherst boasts fantastic yet hidden resources, which results in many students not benefiting from them. Meanwhile, students have a lot to tell the administration about, all of which stems from their love to see Amherst getting better and better every day. I understand how harsh it is to belong to a place you don’t have a say in, so I’ll invest my experiences, skills, and perspective to work with fellow Mammoths to ensure that effective communication is the number one priority at our beloved college.

Faith Omosefe ’26

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Faith Omosefe. I’m a first-generation Nigerian American woman with a passion for social justice and a love for all things Halloween. I take an active role in the reform of the institutions I am a part of, because I believe some of my ideas could work to better the living conditions at Amherst and make everyone feel a little more at home during their stay here. So why should you vote for me? I believe that the Senate of any institution should accurately reflect the population of the students.

Connor Farquhar ’26

Hello fellow first-years. I will keep this brief. I wasn’t considering running until Friday, but that does not mean that I do not have a platform. My father once told me about a political campaign that occurred at his college. The so-called “Resume Packing Weasels” party ran on the concept that the enemy parties had done nothing and were, say it with me … “Resume Packing Weasels.” It is on this premise that I am running. What have any of my rivals done for Amherst so far? Nothing. At least I haven’t. However, I will try to do something.

Angela Tang ’26

I’m Angela Tang, and I will create a tangible impact as your [class of] 2026 AAS senator! My goal is to boost transparency and communication, nurture both physical and mental health, and encourage gratitude for the arts. There are several steps I will take to achieve these. First, I will send weekly emails including proposals from Senate meetings and anonymous surveys for unfiltered feedback. I wish to promote hygiene on campus through easy access to hand sanitizers and wet wipes in shared spaces. For students to comfortably decompress, I will establish a “crying room” replete with self-care supplies.

Hedley Lawrence-Apfelbaum ’26

I’m running to be your senator because I believe I have something to contribute, whether it be representation for students of international experience or the recognition that as new students, we still have a lot to learn about Amherst and the needs of our fellow students. That said, I have some ideas to create a vibrant community. I’d mainly like to make it easier for students to provide input on their life at college. As the oldest of six kids, I have the leadership and responsibility needed to help create such a community and a tireless resolve to do so.

Phuong Doan ’26

I’m Phuong Doan, a freshman from Minnesota, and I’m running to represent you! As a queer child of immigrants, I know what it’s like to be left out. That is why we need more funding for the affinity groups and resource centers to host joint events to celebrate everyone’s unique identity. As a FLI [first-generation and/or low-income] student, I have noticed the technology divide between students. I will fight to subsidize FLI students to afford necessary technology. We also need better toilet paper. We just do. I promise that I will fight for change because we can do better than business as usual!

Diane Koo ’26

My name is Diane Koo, and I am running for a senator position. I’m from Fishers, Indiana (right outside of Indianapolis), and I’m on the swim team at Amherst. I’d like to be a part of the AAS because I loved being on student government in high school and I’d like to be a part of something similar at Amherst! I’ve genuinely loved the activities and their availability to students, and I want to help in the creation of more, better events for student life. I really like it at Amherst so far, and I want to help make sure everyone feels the same way.

Chloe Yim ’26

Hi Mammoths! My name is Chloe Yim, and I am excited to be running for Senate. As a senator, I will prioritize a platform for fostering community. During my own transition to Amherst, I recognized how difficult it can be to navigate classes without the support of peers. For some lecture-based classes, it can be nearly impossible to form connections, much less approach upperclassmen. My goal is to establish spaces where students can join and meet people in their respective classes. I also aim to strengthen activism on campus by inviting local speakers to share their cause.

Claire Beougher ’26

Hello everyone! My name is Claire Beougher and I am running to be one of your AAS senators. I am a proud Michigander, swimmer, rower, violinist, DJ, and baker! As a senator, I would organize events to help more people feel represented on campus, along with events that bring together athletes, non-athletes, the LGBTQ+ community, and other student groups. I would hold regular meetings where you could talk to me about issues that you want to see addressed. If you let me be your voice, I promise to make every word count!