An Interview with Women’s Basketball Player Courtney Resch ’22

Courtney Resch ’22 is a guard/ forward on the women’s basketball team and a jumper on the track team. She hails from San Francisco, California and is double majoring in economics and psychology.

Krosniak: Can you tell me about how the season has been going?

Resch: We started out strong; we were nationally ranked first. Then we took some early losses which are never great, but they gave us a sense of how hard we were going to have to work to make it all the way to the end. Since then, we bounced back as a much stronger, hardworking and gritty team. Looking forward, we’re starting the playoffs this weekend. We’re all collected together and each dedicated to bringing out best everyday in practice and games in order to make it as far as we can go.

K: How has your season beenpersonally?

R: I’ve been doing well. I started the season strong and had the most blocks in the NESCAC. However, I hurt my knee a few weeks ago. As a result, I’ve been playing less and other people have really stepped up and filled those minutes. Looking forward, I’m just trying to get really healthy and bring my best to playoffs in whatever way the team might need me.

K: What’s been the team’s biggest challenge this season?

R: I think we had a lot of potential and a lot of expectations going into the season, especially since we didn’t really graduate any key players last year. So our biggest problem at the beginning of the year was balancing all those expectations and being able to come together as one collective unit. Having 13 really talented players and being able to have five on the court that click together at all times has been a process. However, considering playoffs are starting now, we’ve managed to get there at the right time.

K: What are the team’s goals for playoffs?

R: Our first game of playoffs is against Bates this Saturday [Feb. 22]. Generally, we’re trying to win a NESCAC championship first, then a NCAA championship after that. I think our key is just taking [each] game at the time. We can’t underestimate any opponent, considering that everyone’s season is on the line now.

Personally, I think last season we fell a little short of our long-term goals, so I want to be able to make it to a NESCAC championship game and the Final Four, which are experiences that our upper-classmen on the team have gotten to do.

As a team, we’re all looking for individual success, but team success comes first and everyone knows and believes in that, and I think that gives us the potential to be really successful.