Bub's Class of the Week: Class of 2009

Welcome, first-years, to The Student sports section,

Bub’s is the place for Player of the Week selection.

Right here every Wednesday one athlete gets some ink,

a props for performance in the field or the rink,

or the course or the track or the courts of LeFrak-

whatever sport it is, Bub’s pats you on the back.

If you wear purple and white, here is your chance to shine,

we hope you’ve trained all summer, class of 2009!

Bub’s has seen you on Facebook, you’ve got friends up the wazoo,

but until you’ve won a Williams match you haven’t got a clue.

If you get your cleats all dirty, darken your new jerseys with sweat,

give your all to Amherst, and Bub’s expectations will be met.

Bring on the fall season, let the freshmen play!

Bub’s has many poems in store for you over your four-year stay.