Bub's Player of the Week

as a matter of fact, Bub’s broke out the champagne!

A Homecoming win on our home turf, who could ask for more?

the 2004 season will go down in Amherst lore.

The heroes were many, the Jeffs played their hearts out-

it was difficult for Bub’s to choose which guy to tout.

Our rushing game was on, our defense was on fire,

the Amherst squad didn’t ever seem to tire.

But Bub’s has to pick one, it’s the nature of this poem,

every week one Jeff’s face calls this corner home.

Bob Sargent intercepted twice in addition to nine tackles,

his hard-nosed play kept Williams’ QB stuck in Amherst shackles.

So Bub’s goes to you this week, for playing oh-so-cool-

but really, good job to all the Jeffs; we beat our safety school!