Bub's Player of the Week: Amy Armstrong '07

It seems like the women’s soccer team this season can do no wrong,

this week their winning efforts were led by one Amy Armstrong.

Just yesterday against Springfield she scored a Jeff tally,

but more importantly at Bates she helped Amherst rally.

The Jeffs defeated the Bobcats and the score was 3-2,

Around, about, straight past the defense Amy Armstrong flew.

She assisted two of Amherst’s scores and chipped in an assist,

The Jeffs remained undefeated-and Bub’s remained in bliss.

Next up for Amherst are the Jumbos of Tufts U.,

(how can anyone play for a team whose colors are brown and blue?)

Bub’s won’t be making the trip to Boston, alas, it’s just too far,

but we can predict with confidence: Armstrong and Amherst will star.

So keep the goals coming and don’t forget those sharp passes,

Bub’s loves to hear when Amherst kicks any NESCAC a**es.