Bub's Player of the Week: Carter Hamill '05

for four falls now she’s led the way and hasn’t looked back.

This cross country season Amherst placed 12th in the nation,

Bub’s can’t help but feel so much elation.

Hamill came in fifth, her best finish yet,

in the record books at Amherst her name is certainly set.

Four straight All-America awards is really quite a feat,

Hamill performed when the pressure was on at the National meet.

The whole team’s been to Nationals now for two years in a row,

and Hamill is largely to thank for the opportunity to go.

Luckily for us two seasons more of running await,

Hamill will still be around to help Amherst’s track fate.

Cross country will certainly miss her, but she’s certainly set the pace

for Amherst’s now a team the rest of the country dreads to face.