Bub's Player of the Week: Carter Hamill '05

this weekend she proved again that she’s a runner to be beat.

She placed second in the region and her team was number four,

no question about it – a Bub’s honor was assured.

22 minutes, seven seconds, ahead of nearly all the pack,

Hamill performed when it counted; that’s a fact.

Amherst heads to nationals for the third time in four years,

to show the rest of the country that the Jeffs have no peers.

To Indiana they’ll travel for the meet this Saturday,

Bub’s is rooting for Amherst to have a winning stay.

If the team runs as swiftly as it did at this past meet,

the Jeffs could go all the way, it would be quite a feat.

So show why you’re an all-American, Carter, run a good race,

leave it all on the trail and set Amherst’s winning pace!