Bub's Player of the Week: Kate Herlihy '05

Swim and squash and track and hockey; to whom would Bub’s go?

Lucky for Bub’s one shot shone the brightest:

Kate Herlihy came through when the game was at its tightest.

Women’s hoops was down by two; Trinity was ahead,

Amherst had the ball, it’s true, and down the court they sped.

Shannon Russell drove the length then passed it off to Kate,

defense was tight, she took the shot, but would it be too late?

No, it wasn’t. the shot was good, the Jeffs went up by one,

the buzzer rang, Amherst yelled, the Bantams were left stunned.

She may have only made one shot, but Herlihy was our star-

her three-pointer gave Amherst the win, their 10th victory thus far.

She scored big when it counted, the final shot she sank,

Jeff playoff hopes are alive and well and Bub’s has Kate to thank!