Bub's Player of the Week: Kathryn Kuchefski '04

One player came up biggest; on her the jeffs can depend.

Kathryn Kuchefski came in first, she really led the team,

Wellesley, Holyoke, Midd, all of them she creamed.

The team came in first place overall, 46 ahead of the pack,

Kuchefski shot 155, she gave the ball quite a whack.

The next player was five strokes behind, she had no shot,

Kuchefski’s play was on the money, her swing was red-hot.

She shot 78 for day one, could she play better?

The answer was yes, a 77, she was the tournament pace-setter.

Kuchefski shot low scores all fall long, played with prowess,

A win this coming weekend will end the season with finesse.

So Bub’s roots you on at Central Connecticut State,

Show the competition how the Lord Jeffs really rate!