Bub's Player of the Week: Krissy Morin '06

The women’s hoops team beat Wesleyan on Saturday,

and much thanks should be given to one Jeff’s fine play.

She’s a co-captain guard, and her name is Krissy Morin,

with 15 points she led Amherst in scorin’.

Morin had the ball with five minutes to go and the Jeffs down by two,

she was behind the three-point arc, and to the basket she threw.

The ball went in, the Jeffs went up by one-

but make no mistake, our captain was not done!

The Cardinals tied the score up at 53 all,

but again they made the mistake of giving Morin the ball.

She traveled to the foul line with nine seconds to go,

one after the other, she sank each free throw.

Amherst moves on to the semifinals, Bowdoin comes up next,

if the Jeffs stay hot and Morin, too, Bub’s predicts an upset.