Bub's Player of the Week: Kyle Schoppel '08

The men’s hockey team won two more this week,

as the Jeffs continued their unbeaten streak.

Amherst’s leading scorer may be just a freshman,

but in points he’s only behind one Beau Kretzman.

Kyle Schoppel’s his name, he’s scored seven goals so far,

he’s making himself known as an offensive star.

This week he scored four and the Jeffs tied and won,

he’s NESCAC Player of the Week and Bub’s doesn’t think he’s done.

The Jeffs have played six games just yet,

and Schoppel’s already performing like a vet.

We’re certain he’ll amass a cache of accolades-

his is a talent that’s not going to fade.

Perhaps the Jeffs will challenge for a championship this year,

and even if they don’t Schoppel’s future is bright and clear.