Bub's Player of the Week: Michael Wohl '07

The men’s soccer team is hitting its stride,

just in time to take a postseason ride.

With two league wins in a row, the Jeffs are on fire,

they’re showing the NESCAC their championship desires.

Bub’s is thrilled to see this talented team coming together-

this is one squad that’s unhampered by the weather.

But the performance that’s deserving of kudos today,

is that of Mike Wohl for his play Saturday.

Victory was sweet as Amherst won 4-3,

and Wohl’s hat trick put away Colby.

He scored once in the first half but certainly wasn’t done,

and in the second frame he gave the White Mules the stun:

Wohl buried two more in the back of the net,

and his Bub’s fame for the week was set.