Bub's Player of the Week: Mike Wohl '07

One Jeff’s performance earns him Bub’s hooray.

Mike Wohl may be a rookie, but he plays like a vet,

He helped the soccer team win twice, put three in the net.

Wohl added an assist; he has 10 points for the year,

As a striker, his performance really was without peer.

For himself Wohl earned NESCAC player of the week,

Amherst is 7th in the country, so far their highest peak.

They’re first in the conference too, a lot to brag about,

This afternoon they’re ready for another big-time rout.

Wohl’s foot will be key for a victory ‘gainst Springfield,

Against the Amherst offense, the Bulldogs must yield.

Keep on scoring Mike, you’ve got a great career ahead,

Play hard, play tough and remember what Bub’s said.