Bub's Player of the Week: Tracy Montigny '05

and Bub’s thinks this season will be the same story.

undefeated in the NESCAC-three wins and three ties,

if their record stays unblemished, Bub’s won’t be surprised.

Against Colby Saturday, one Jeff showed real grit-

with two assists and a goal, by her the scoreboard was lit.

Tracy Montigny was the culprit on the game-winning goal,

responsible for all three scores, she was really on a roll!

Bub’s can’t forget to mention it was her second goal of the week,

on Thursday against Holyoke’s defense she found a leak.

Montigny leads the team in points with two scores and four dishes-

two more goals this week, Tracy, is just what Bub’s wishes.

The Jeffs face Conn. at home this afternoon,

then Wesleyan on Saturday-two more wins should come soon!