Campus Crime Log

11:35 p.m., Pratt Dormitory

A resident of Pratt complained about loud music on the fourth floor.

January 31, 2001

1:01 a.m., James Hall

A resident of James complained about loud people and noise on the second floor.

2:08 a.m., Davis Dormitory

Officers received a complaint of students throwing ice at windows at Davis.

11:40 a.m., Moore Dormitory

A fire alarm activated at Moore when toast was burned in the kitchen.

2:18 p.m., Mead Art Museum

Officers towed a vehicle blocking the loading dock at Mead.

February 1, 2001

1:20 a.m., Crossett Dormitory

The manager of a local pizza shop reported receiving annoying telephone calls from a suite in Crossett. An officer responded and spoke to the residents.

1:35 p.m., Stearns Hall

A resident of Stearns reported the theft of a laptop computer which had been left in the foyer of the building on Dec. 18, 2000.

February 2, 2001

12:55 a.m., Stearns Steeple

Officers responded to a report of chimes sounding at Stearns Steeple. The officers found the lock on the door damaged and three students inside. The matter was referred to the Dean’s office.

2:00 p.m.

Officers assisted a Smith College student in locating her friend, who had not been seen for some time.

4:42 p.m., Pond Dormitory

A fire alarm activated at Pond due to excessive smoke in a third-floor room. Officers also confiscated what appeared to be marijuana smoking materials. One student was fined $100.

11:57 p.m., James

Officers found three fire extinguishers discharged at James and fined one student $300.

February 3, 2001

2:14 a.m., Moore

A resident of Moore complained about loud music on the second floor.

5:15 a.m., Main Quad

Officers towed two vehicles from the main quad for being parked in violation of the winter parking ban.

7:01 p.m., North College

A resident of North reported the theft of a root beer keg and tap from the common room.

February 4, 2001

12:11 a.m., Marsh House

Officers investigated a duress alarm at Marsh.

12:12 a.m., Seelye House

Officers investigated a duress alarm at Seelye.

1:20 a.m., Appleton Hall

Officers dispatched ACEMS and an ambulance to Appleton to assist an intoxicated student.

1:24 a.m., Mayo-Smith House

A fire alarm activated at Mayo-Smith when two alarm stations were pulled for no apparent reason.

1:58 a.m., Seelye

Officers dispatched ACEMS to Seelye to assist an intoxicated student.

2:06 a.m., Moore

Officers dispatched ACEMS to Moore to assist an intoxicated student.

2:33 a.m., James

Officers dispatched ACEMS to James to assist a visitor who suffered a possible broken nose.

February 5, 2001

11:54 p.m., James

Officers received a report of students jumping from a third floor window at James.

February 6, 2001

3:00 p.m., So. Pleasant Street

An employee reported that her vehicle was struck by a snowball thrown from a passing vehicle on So. Pleasant Street.

3:52 p.m.

Campus Police received information about a possible hazing incident.

10:33 p.m., Davis

Officers investigated a duress alarm at Davis.

11:49 p.m., Jenkins Dormitory

A student reported the theft of a purse containing $200 in cash from her unlocked vehicle, which was parked near Jenkins.

February 7, 2001

3:20 a.m., Cohan Dormitory

Officers investigated a report of two people arguing on the second floor of Cohan.

4:00 p.m., Railroad Tracks

Officers received a report of people building a snowman on the railroad tracks near the social dorms.

9:10 p.m., Marsh

Officers investigated a duress alarm at Marsh.

11:22 p.m., Jenkins

Officers responded to a noise complaint in a second floor suite at Jenkins.

February 8, 2001

11:34 p.m., Steam Tunnels

Officers investigated an intrusion alarm in the steam tunnels.

February 9, 2001

12:19 a.m., South College

Officers responded to South to check on a student’s well-being.

12:56 a.m., James

A fire alarm activated at James when someone pulled an alarm station on the third floor for no apparent reason. Officers fined the residents $100.

9:58 a.m., Campus Center

Officers investigated the theft of a computer hard drive from an office in the Campus Center.

1:44 p.m., South

A resident of South reported the theft of $100 cash from her unlocked room.