Campus Police Log: Feb. 9 to Feb. 14

The latest installment of the Police Log, from Feb. 9 to Feb. 14, can be found here.

>>Feb. 9, 2022

1:40 a.m., Dakin House

A sergeant observed a vehicle that was unoccupied, and not affiliated with the college, parked in an area not open to the public.

2:42 p.m., Valentine Dining Hall

A detective took a report of a pillow stolen from the coat room.

>>Feb. 10, 2022

2:47 p.m., Valentine Residential Hall

The senior detective took a report of a past assault.

>>Feb. 11, 2022

6:20 a.m., Hitchcock House

A detective took a report of a quote written on two bathroom stalls.

>>Feb. 12, 2022

1:47 a.m., Campus Grounds

A sergeant took a report of an individual that struck a light pole and left the area without reporting the damage.

>>Feb. 13, 2022

1:47 a.m., Gym Loop Road

A sergeant and a detective assisted an individual that was lost on campus.

6:44 p.m., Morris Pratt Dormitory

A detective took a report of broken light fixtures and exit signs.

6:47 p.m., Mayo Smith House

A detective took a report of a broken thermostat.

>>Feb. 14, 2022

3:23 a.m., Service Building

A vehicle parked in violation of parking regulations and on the tow list was towed.