Dining Services to Renovate Schwemm's Into a Pub

Schwemm’s Coffee House, Amherst’s late-night dining venue, will be undergoing a revision of its menu, including the addition of beer and wine for 21+ students, and a major renovation into a pub-style space, with completion expected by the Fall 2018 semester.

According to Joseph Flueckiger, director of dining services, the idea was first suggested during a conversation about the new Science Center café, which will be located in the new Science Center, also expected to open in Fall 2018.

“We wanted to make sure our retail locations were balanced and offered a variety of options that complemented each other,” explained Flueckiger in an email interview.

This led to the decision to revise Schwemm’s menu and, later, the decision to convert Schwemm’s into a pub, in order to create “a venue that promoted a healthy social culture around alcohol use,” said Flueckiger.

Paul Gallegos, director of student activities, has also been involved with the project, developing plans for new student programming in the refurbished space.

“My role has been to help think about how the new space could be programmed as well as what elements beyond design that would help contribute to a successful social space,” said Gallegos in an email interview.

Earlier this month, Dining Services placed poster boards around Schwemm’s and Grab-N-Go showcasing potential interior decoration choices for the new space in order to receive student input on the project.

“Many students have been involved in the discussions about if and how this space could be used this way,” he said. The idea was also presented to members of the Association of Amherst Students (AAS) and the Student Affairs Student Advisory Council.

Gallegos said that, as students began to utilize the space, he hopes to continue receiving feedback on ways to improve Schwemm’s Pub.

“With the new concept, we want to continue to facilitate input on how the space might evolve programmatically next year and beyond,” said Gallegos.

“We are really hoping that this space becomes a fun spot for casual conversations and bringing the community together,” said Flueckiger. “We look forward to feedback when we launch the pub so that we can create the best possible student and campus community experience.”