LeBron Taking Heat for ‘Cry-Gate’ Incident

I really don’t see what the big deal is if LeBron, Wade, or Bosh cried after the Bulls game. Really based on their performance in their past three games and including that one, they should have cried. (No, I won’t bring up the “they’re only human” argument.) They should have cried — not out of sadness for losing, but because they straight up stunk. They didn’t play like champions and they sure didn’t finish like All-Stars.

To set things straight before we go any further — the Heat lack a capable point guard and a center that’s conscious, have trouble finishing games, and still don’t have a game plan to fit in Chris Bosh. If I were a Heat fan, I would expect them to cry out of frustration, because that tells me that they have passion for the game and they are not interested in playing “who can dunk harder or alley-oop cooler” for the photographers. Let’s not forget, LeBron masterminded this team not to do that, but to win a championship.

As much as it is all about the glitz and glamour for the guy, (remember “The Decision?”), his desire lies in getting a ring and cementing his place among the all-time greats. So far, however, as made evident by the Heat’s record against winning teams (14-18), this plan hasn’t worked out. Earlier this season, there was criticism that they were partying too much and weren’t trying hard enough on the court. Or how about that time last fall when we all thought Spoelstra had no control over the team and was going to get fired, only for them to go on a winning stretch for us to forget that it ever happened?

So on this occasion when they are suffering a losing stretch, I applaud LeBron and the Heat for crying after the Bulls loss. It shows that you have heart and that you care to improve. If I were a fan, I would want them now to go work on defending leads and finishing games down the stretch. Anyways, what’s the big deal? The Heat have a regular season MVP and Finals MVP in LeBron James and Dwayne Wade (they also have Joel Anthony and Erick Dampier).

Furthermore, the Heat still occupy the third seed in the East. The sixth seed is currently a toss-up between the Knicks and 76ers (as of today, the 76ers lurk a half-game behind the Knicks). If the Knicks slip, the Heat would face the 76ers in first round. The 76ers. How bad is that? At least the Heat will make it to the next round. I mean imagine how you would feel if you were a Pacers fan (currently the eighth seed), and your team had to face the Celtics in the first round. But hey, then again, they are the Heat, and it’s championship or bust.

I’ve suddenly felt the urge to predict something! Besides the fact that the Heat have the third seed in the Eastern Conference, I think that the Conference Finals for the West and East will come down to the Mavs vs. Spurs and the Bulls vs. Celtics. I won’t elaborate on these playoff predictions now, but I’ll discuss them in greater detail as the postseason draws nearer.