Letter from the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience Program

Dear Amherst College Community,

We, the faculty of the Psychology Department and the Neuroscience Program, write to support the students engaged in the recent movement to bring racial equality to Amherst College.

Over the past few days, students of color and other marginalized groups disclosed painful and shocking accounts of discrimination and prejudice. We commend these students for bravely recounting their personal experiences. Such testimonies highlight the pressing need to address discrimination on campus and inspire us to take action. We encourage all members of the Amherst College community to listen and participate in ongoing conversations — no matter how uncomfortable or difficult — about the injustices occurring on campus.

Although Amherst College has taken noteworthy steps to create a diverse student body representative of our global society, we recognize that more work needs to be done to ensure that all groups receive equal care and opportunity, both in and out of the classroom. The Psychology Department and Neuroscience Program are committed to helping Amherst College achieve this goal. Our hope is that through open dialogue, collaborative efforts and understanding, Amherst College will transform into a community where people of all backgrounds can feel welcome and thrive.

In solidarity,

Buffy Aries

JP Baird

Katherine Clemans
Amy Demorest
Ethan Graf

Allen Hart

Deborah Holoien
Megan McCarty
Julia McQuade
Carrie Palmquist
Catherine Sanderson
Matt Schulkind
Josef Trapani

Sarah Turgeon