Love Confessions … Is Your Name Here?

The Arts & Living Editors solicited anonymous love notes from your peers. Browse over 60 confessions to find out if you have a secret admirer on campus.

Love Confessions … Is Your Name Here?
The Arts & Living section plays matchmaker this Valentine’s Day. Graphic by Stormie King ’25.

Move aside, Marriage Pact — a new matchmaker is in town. This Valentine’s Day, the Arts & Living Editors bring you a selection of anonymous love letters from your fellow students. Take your time perusing the messages below. You never know, you might have a secret admirer.

For Abby Kim ’27:
Abby, you are my California golf queen for life. As the girls night host who always shares her almonds, you deserve a lovely day. xoxo

For Aidan Cooper ’26:
i aspire to be someone you write a poem about someday.

For Alexa Ekhelar ’25:
my goddess — my muse! alexa, how do i even begin? i saw you first on the amherst college instagram in your beautiful striped skirt — you were wearing a mask but i could tell by your eyes that you and i were fated to BE. i love seeing you on the giant billboard — a work of art — whenever i go to grab-n-go for purple grapes because i know you love the color purple. i hope one day you glance at me and simply give me the chance to be your beloved discord kitten. meow

For Angie Lopez Aguilar ’26:
Happy Valentine’s Day Angie! You are sunshine incarnate and I hope you never stop smiling.

For Ariana Rodriguez ’24:
Hi! We had a class together a while back, and I’m sorry we didn't get to know each other better. You seem really sweet and really pretty, and I would love to catch up sometime soon!

For Ava Morey ’25:
Ava, you are the Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought. You can write me a song any day. Let’s go out for a Mead sometime!!!!!!

For Beckett Quirk ’26:
Thanks for the help last time.

For Ben Williams ’26:
I have a friend who want you real badddd xxx

For Bibi Hanselman ’27:
We were never close, but sometimes you lighten my day with your gift, passion, work ethic, and life attitude. I see a quiet but poetic soul in you.

For Brandon Um ’27:
Hi my pookiest pookie!!!! Thank you for always being there to tell me that everything is not going to be okay. Love you!

For Callie Hundley ’24:
Maybe you know me, or maybe you don’t notice me at all … but all I think about in class is your beautiful personality and bright red hair. Please notice me

For Charlie Odulio ’26:
Your smile always warm me like sunshine — no exaggeration. The sincerity in you is tender like breeze.

For Chanelle Jaeger ’27:
You are my sun, my sun that strums a love-tinged hum on my thumbs. You’re honey hung from beams of light and sultry drum beats all in one. You’ve clung my tongue and sustain me young, may forever pass before we are done!

For Christian Pattavina ’24:
Yes yes we know you are taken but you are such a considerate and kind and gentle giant with philosophical thoughts and love for the world it’s so charming at the moments when ppl can see a bit sensitivity in you

For Claire D’Ambrosio ’27:
Claire, you are my LI, tennis, and mini jenga queen. Have a lovely day, my hay day bae. xoxo

For Clara Hoey ’24:
You are like a queen when you roll calmly on the snare and especially hot as ** when you go crazy on the timpani!

For Daniela Hernandez ’26:
Happy Valentine’s day to my no.1 pookie bear! I love how close we have become and there’s no one else I would want to have a late night run to CFA with! xoxo

For Davis Rennella ’24:
I see melodies and prose in your eyes.

For Dede Lonsdale ’27:
You are seriously one of the funniest, coolest, and most down-to-earth people I’ve ever met, and your salads are BOMB. It’s physically impossible to not love you — you brighten everyones day just by being you. I’m so lucky to be your friend, my enviro queen :)

For Dustin Copeland ’25:
You are the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen. I want to feed you treats.

For Elena Tongg Weiler ’27:
Thank you for being the reason I smile so much; you make me a happier person with every passing day.

For Emily Kim ’27:
Emily, you are my fashionista, tan swimmer queen. Have a lovely day my silly little mermaid. xoxo

For Emmett McGrath ’26:
You be running through my mind all day

For Finley Liu ’27:
Happy Valentine’s Day Fin! Thanks for being the best radio co-host and friend I could ever ask for. I love you.

For Fran Torres ’26:
You definitely know who wrote this, but I just wanted to tell you that you light up my life in a way that no one else does. Your heart, mind, and soul are so beautiful, and I just want you to know that you are so loved.

For Gabby Avena ’25:
i want to give your forehead a little kiss

For Grace Escoe ’26:
Happy Valentine’s day to one of the best people I know. I love and appreciate you so much!

For Haoran Tong ’23:
The Amherst without Haoran is a different Amherst, smhmh

For Humphrey Chen ’26:
A haiku for you, dearest Humphrey:
Swift limbs carry him,
Loud laughter fills our days bright,
He brings pine cones.

For Ian Dopp ’24:
IDopp Touch! I love your mustache and I wish you would grow it back.

For Isabel Ibarra ’27:
Capybara! Your fits always slay, and I’m so lucky to have met you! You are a true academic weapon and such a kind friend :)

For Jackson Lee ’26:
Happy Valentine’s Day to myself #selflove

For J Limmie ’27:
Stop duetting yourself on tiktok and start duetting me irl :) <3

For Jerry Zhang ’25:
you are so goofy … i don’t want to mess up our friendship but you’re so cute and the more we talk the more i like you. some day i’ll make you dumplings

For Jessica Strauss ’27:
Girl, don’t forget that you deserved to be loved. You will grow and have a bright future — I have faith in you.

For John Joire ’26:
I just often enjoy watching you — not only because you are handsome (and hot?) with your signature hair and eyes but also because you have such an artistic spirit that keeps making people want to know more about you.

For Julia Pieczara ’27:
Julia, you are the Jimmy to my taco. I hope you have a lovely day, my silly little lifeguard. xoxo

For Kai Glashausser ’23:
I feel there is something unspoken between us, and I guess it will never be spoken. I believe one day you will find your home — Best wishes to you wherever you go.

For Kai Glashausser ’23:
Love hanging out with you! Should do that with friends more.

For Kei Lim ’25:
we’ve spoken once before, but i don’t think you know who i am. i think back to the first time i noticed you, when i overheard you speaking with your friends, and i thought wow your brain must have so many ridges. you have such cool ideas but you are also so so pretty and you seem so silly and sweet. maybe one day you’ll notice me…

For Khue Dang ’27:
You’re my safe space, my warm place, my baby, my lovely one, always. If I could have anyone, it would be you.

For Kylie Park-Allas ’27:
In you, I remember how good humanity is. I hope you always know comfort.

For Lauren Siegel ’27:
Lauren, you are truly the most amazing friend!!! Your positivity, cheer, and boundless energy never cease to amaze me. You genuinely care for others, and your ability to bring everyone together is deeply admirable — I love you!

For Liam Archaki ’24:
i always am wondering what’s going on in that head of yours and secretly hoping you’re thinking of me

For Luke Kline ’26:
Luke Kline, oh won’t you be mine, I need you as my valentine You look so sweet, with nice shaped feet, and a frame like a Dorito So if your heart is true, I sing to you, oh Luke please let me know Come find me dear, I am quite near, start looking down below

For Manuel Badena ’27:
you’re the best man on campus. always remember how cherished you are.

For Mammuthus Columbi ’10,000 BC:
hey bbg i know ur species may be extinct but my love will never be <3 i see u eyeing me in beneski dont even cap about it ;) sure im six feet shorter than u but i like a ***** ***** haha luv u

For Marina Kim ’27:
Marina, you are my California gym rat queen. I hope all of your valentines day dreams come true, especially meeting dumdum. Xoxo

For Matthew Fisher ’26:
you are so cute and i can’t help but hope someday you’ll be mine

For Michael Jang ’26:
You swam your way into my heart.

For Min Winton ’23:
I can see you growing into a fantastic teacher. luv your dress style too

For Muffie Mazambani ’24:
My dearest Mufaro. You make me smile even when there’s no light in my life. Thank you for being that missing piece in my life.

For Neil:
My darling fake boyfriend, I adore you and miss you so much. Have a wonderful semester, and know that I do and will always fake/genuine love you. Your namorada falsa <3.

For Olivia Law ’27:
I will always be your biggest fan. I will never meet anyone else like you, your extraordinary spirit.

For Payton McGoldrick ’27:
Payton, my gym rat vera queen. Have a wonderful day, my little pinto bean. xoxo

For Paz Barrera ’27:
Paz, my city, fashionista, ankle-injured queen. Have a lovely day, my sippy cup lover. xoxo

For Pema Zidig ’27:
Wherever you go, I hope you know I follow you every time to that mysterious place with my love. Wait for us in five years…

For Patrick Spoor ’23:
We love you Patty Pat! Oh yes we do! Literally the cutest person in the world no one would possibly dislike … And among all of us probably I love you the most!

For Phoebe Eccles ’24:
Pheebz, Phoebers, Phobe, Phoebadle, don’t run from me. You can't deny the chemistry!!!!!!!

For Phoebe Nielsen ’25:
i love you my sweet sweet friend. i hope you have the bestest valentine’s day.

For Phillip Zhou ’24:
Roses are red, violets are blue, finding the words to express how I feel about you is scary, but here I go: You’ve captured my attention with your smile, personality (from a distance) and your sense of style (your green bio hoodie with the Adidas gazelles would have to be my favorite). I’d love the chance to get to know you before our time at Amherst ends. Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

For Rebekah Hong ’26:
Your piano playing always impregnates my ears. When you play the piano, I feel you are the music and music is you. Really haven’t thought about being a pro pianist? You can make the whole world tear down like Cassie!

For Reine Kim ’27:
Hey Reine, if I could kiss anyone, it would always be you!!!

For Rowan Belt ’24:
Please never forget that you deserve to be loved. I am looking forward to your return.

For Sam Young ’23:
Damn you just can do everything. And I love the texture of your hair! Always cute and unique

For Sarah Weiner ʼ24:
Roses are red, violets are blue, my favorite person is Sarah, she’s the bomb dot com

For The AAS Budgetary Committee:
Most people here just like complaining about you, but you are my love. You make so many things on campus possible, and you even fund the printing of The Student. You have a special place in my Red Room — and I’ll see you next Monday.

For Thea Crowley ʼ27:
Dearest Theadore, I adore you. Please be my valentine 5 ever. (p.s. I love your push-up form ;))

For Tina Zhang ’24:
Always soft, always kind, always sweet, always pure … no one would possibly dislike our wonderful Tinanananana! I love our platonic bond though it’s never exclusive, for you have a lot of love for all the ppl around u!

For Tyler Matsuo ’24:
Maybe you already forget me, but I did have a crush in you. I remember how you really care you work and enthusiastic to study.

For Unknown:
If you’re the owner of the corner first floor room in Wieland with the sick pop art poster and vibey lighting, hit me up. I’m down to go thrifting for more accessories anytime.

For William Ji ’27:

For Z:
As a questioning aromantic, I don’t know where my definition of romantic love lies, but if ever I have loved anyone in that way, I love you. And if not ... Then I am unbelievably lucky to have a friend as dear as you in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day!