Mammoth Moments in Miniature: March 1 to March 7

Mammoth Moments in Miniature provides quick updates on notable campus news that has occurred since the last issue. In this week’s installment: the demise of AmherstBussin, updates to the Mammoth Meals app, and more.

AmherstBussin Vanishes, Eliminating All-Campus Communication

February came to an end, and AmherstBussin, the campus-wide group chat of over two years, soon followed. The chat had become an ubiquitous, if at times controversial part of life on campus, until its sudden disappearance on March 2. The reason for its sudden departure is yet unknown, but in its stead several alternate group chats – including a new AmherstBussin – have surfaced in an attempt to create a new hub for virtual discourse on campus.

Women’s Hockey Wins NESCAC Championship

On March 4, the top-seeded women’s hockey team won the NESCAC Championship Finals 5-0 against Hamilton College. The win marks the second NESCAC victory for the team in the last three years, and the first since 2020. Following the win, goalie Natalie Stott ’26 was named player of the week.

Val Updates Mammoth Meals App

Val-goers who enjoy checking the dining hall’s daily offerings on the Mammoth Meals app will be greeted with an updated interface as of Tuesday, March 7. The app had been overhauled to include more detailed information regarding allergens in various dishes, in addition to other adjustments such as the option to rate individual foods.

Board of Trustees Increases Tuition

The Board of Trustees has voted to increase tuition by 4.9 percent, raising the comprehensive fee to a total of $84,210 for the 2023-24 academic year. In an email on March 7, the board pointed to rising inflation, a desire to “enhance the academic and student experience” and to continue “offer[ing] competitive salaries for faculty and staff,” and “important ongoing projects” to justify the decision. As part of the move, the student activities fee was similarly raised by 5 percent, bringing its total from $600 to $630 per year. Students on financial aid will not see an increase in their family contribution.