Mammoth Moments in Miniature: Nov. 15 to Nov. 28

Mammoth Moments in Miniature provides quick updates on campus happenings. This week’s edition features the return of Tandem bagels, a sustainability survey, and a professor's talk about public interest and state legitimation.

Mammoth Moments in Miniature: Nov. 15 to Nov. 28
A student-led petition is resulting in the reinstatement of Tandem Bagels on the weekends. Graphic courtesy of Nina Aagaard ’26.

Tandem Bagels

In response to a student-led petition, Tandem bagels will return every weekend beginning Dec. 1, wrote Manager of Dining Hall Operations Anna Piergentili and Executive Chef Colin Hoyt. “While we remain committed to our steadfast goals and initiatives to promote sustainability, support local products, and prioritize nutrient-dense choices, we acknowledge the importance of aligning our menu with the preferences of our students and the community,” they added.

Sustainability Survey

The Office of Sustainability is conducting a survey to evaluate campus attitudes, behaviors, and knowledge relating to sustainability. Results will be included in the college's AASHE STARS report which is done every three years. Upon completion, participants have the option to enter a raffle for a $50 gift card.

Professor to Speak about Public Interest and State Legitimation

Wenkai He, associate professor of social science at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, will give a talk in Fayerweather Hall on Dec. 5 at 4:30 p.m. The talk will examine how public interest-centered state legitimation discourse allows a society to attain good governance through case studies of England, Japan, and China.