Mammoth Moments in Miniature: Nov. 30 to Dec. 6

Mammoth Moments in Miniature provides quick updates on notable campus news that has occurred since the last issue. In this week’s installment: the Writing Center requests feedback from the student body, the administration releases an update to the Climate Action Plan, and more.

Writing Center Releases Experiences Survey

The Writing Center’s Student Equity and Inclusion team has released a survey requesting feedback from students about their experiences and perspectives on working with the center in order to “better accommodate Amherst students.” The survey can be accessed through the Daily Mammoth, and all students who complete it will be entered into a raffle for one of four 20-dollar gift cards to local stores and restaurants.

Administration Announces Climate Action Plan Update

On Monday, Dec. 5, the administration released an update on the College’s Climate Action Plan (CAP). The next phase of the plan, which is ultimately intended to result in the college’s decarbonization, will include the decommissioning of the Merrill science center, including a reduction in parking availability and increased fencing. The college will also begin installing underground pipes around the Greenways in the Spring of 2023 as part of its eight-year plan to shift from steam to low-temperature hot water heating.

AC Alert Follow-Up

An update on the administration’s efforts to improve the AC Alert system was issued on Tuesday, Dec. 6. The message announced that, in addition to revising its agreements with its current alert software providers to include stipulations to prevent false alerts, the college will be conducting tests of its “door-locking hardware” and other existing mechanisms for building security to ensure proper functionality. Students are encouraged to provide or confirm their current emergency contact information to ensure that they are prepared in case of an emergency.