The Indicator x The Student: “Hymn”

Originally published in the Spring 2023 edition of “The Indicator,” this poem by Managing Features Editor Eleanor Walsh ’25 was inspired by Dean Young’s “Belief in Magic.”

After “Belief in Magic” by Dean Young

And when I hear false my tongue twists G-o-d
But in street lights I see
 The moons all around me
Foxes follow me home to you
I pull the Priestess
Your lips are red
The ring I lost months ago
 Falls to the floor like
There’s millions of fish
I dream of deer
My body is a wire
 You are fire
I have someone’s name in my pocket
 Just because I asked
Dead leaves fly into my room
There’s been graphite in my leg
 For 7 years
 I feel it when I kneel
I dream of the same room I’m sleeping in
Rainbows come when I ask
And I look up

And how could I not believe?