This Week in Amherst History

Seventeen years ago this week, the College instituted its current policy of locking campus residences for the entire day because a non-student was seen lurking in the dorms, according to The Student. Not only was he loitering, but the unidentified male had also been seen urinating into the women’s showers in Morrow Dormitory by Maria Inez Guardiola ’85 on Feb. 21. Two days later, he was seen again, peeing in the women’s showers in James Hall. “As he looked ‘timid,’ [Guardiola] assumed he was staying with someone on the floor,” reported The Student.

The suspect, described as a white male between 25 and 30 years of age, allegedly left Guardiola’s room with two of her bras under his jacket and had a history of similar criminal behavior in Hampshire County. A white male matching the suspect’s description and seen with the same green pick-up truck that Guardiola had noticed parked outside of Morrow had already been issued a formal trespass notice at Hampshire College.

Although police officials had not apprehended the suspect, campus police was ready to implement new security changes for student safety. “In reaction, Guardiola now feels very strongly, and the campus security office agrees, that dormitories should be locked 24 hours a day,” reported The Student. “Dormitories are considered public space if they are left unlocked at any time. Suspects can only be accused of trespassing if the dormitory is a private, locked building.”