Tips for the Class of 2017

1. Learn how to study effectively. Find your a nook inside the library or around campus (we won’t share ours because that would defeat the point). Take study breaks often. Go for a walk around the trails or simply call a friend or family member.

2. Stay healthy. Don’t fall into the routine of ordering calzones at 2 a.m. every day. Invest in healthy midnight snacks. Try to eat as healthy as the options at Val allow you. And we cannot stress this enough: get enough sleep every night.

3. Develop strong relationships with your professors. Attend office hours whenever you can. Not only will you get more of the course, but your rapport with the professor will help you in the long run when you need recommendation letters.

4. Explore the area. Amherst can seem really boring if the only thing you do is eat at Val and hang out at Keefe. The Arts & Living editors have created a special map of the area in pages 6 and 7.

5. Join clubs, but make sure you don’t join too many. The club fair takes place next Monday, Sept. 2, and you’ll think that if you take the candy, you have to sign up for their club. You don’t. You can just take the candy.

6. Don’t get stuck in your comfort zone. Amherst does a great job of admitting students from diverse backgrounds, but it fails at fostering a sense of community among them once they’re here. Until there is a solution to that problem, it is up to you to create this community.

7. Pay attention to the events calendar. Don’t miss out on musical and theatrical performances, as well as important lectures.

8. Don’t be afraid to reach out to alumni. Conversations with alumni can be very informative and beneficial in the long run. Having those established connections will make it less awkward when you ask them for an internship.

9. Write for The Student. Writing for us is a great way to get involved on campus. By contributing to the paper, you get a unique perspective of the college. Plus, the staff is wonderful, although the pay isn’t great (read: nonexistent).

10. Read The Student. We understand that there will be other clubs and organizations that are better suited for your interests, so writing for us might not happen. However, reading The Student is a great way to keep yourself updated on college affairs.