Tis’ The Scarf Season

Tis’ The Scarf Season

With Halloween dressed up as Christmas this past weekend, it’s about time to start layering up in preparation for the freezing weather. One perfect way to do this is with scarves, which will not only provide you with warmth, but will also add a definite sense of style. There will be those days where it’ll be the same thick coat seemingly over and over again, but a dash of color or pattern in the form of a simple scarf will go a long way in switching things up.

Scarves are one of the most versatile fashion accessories out there. Whether looking for a cashmere, cotton, jersey, alpaca, linen, satin, silk or pashmina scarf, each is going to be the perfect fit for different weather and situations. Winter is the perfect time to pull out the thicker fabrics, but there definitely isn’t a danger of running out of varieties and styles! Just one lengthy piece of cloth will go a long, long way.

The wrap scarf works a lot like it sounds. Wider than the typical scarf, the wrap can double as a shawl and a scarf by simply being twisted or folded a few times. Perfect for both the brisk walk outdoors to class and being back in a cozy room, it can be paired with a thick winter coat as a scarf or draped loosely around your shoulders for warmth once the coat comes off.

Another way to go is the infinity scarf, which has become popular in the past few years. It is one that is easy to toss on and wrap a few times around your neck and be ready to go. Whether draped loosely about your neck for a casual elegance, fitted snugly for comfort or even pulled over your head for a scarf-hood hybrid, this scarf offers a lot of versatility. Be it knit, fringed, wool or anything else, the name “infinity” is certainly fitting for this scarf.

Of course, there is also the classic muffler. Whether a wonderfully soft-knit scarf or a thick length of cotton, this thin, rectangular scarf is one that will never go out of fashion. It is a scarf that can be played with in multiple ways, and you can get creative yourself with a few knots and ties (check out handy YouTube videos like “25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!” — believe me, it’s useful) for some inspiration on how to jazz it up a bit.

If all else fails and that perfect scarf just isn’t there, you can always make your own. Knitting and crocheting are simple ways to make an amazing scarf, and the College’s own Knitting Club can be of help there. Simply pop into a meeting, grab some yarn and needles and learn how to knit. Or, if you aren’t quite into spending that much time for one scarf, grab a big rectangular piece of cloth or cut it out of a nicely patterned cloth, and make it into a brand new scarf.

From the classic plaid to the colorful ikat, scarves now come in all the different kinds of designs and colors imaginable. To list just a few, you can choose from a wide range of animal print, floral, striped, paisley or polka-dotted scarves. Each offers a unique statement of your personality and style even when it’s too cold to wear anything but a heavy jacket.

Winter doesn’t mean putting away every statement piece there is; all you have to do is think of a new one. Be playful and cute with a polka-dotted scarf or take on the classic plaid for a warm, snug look. Is your favorite pattern a bit too thin for the weather? Layer the scarf, adding warmth without taking away from the design. Alternatively, if you’re tired of the same old color and design, put two different scarves together and get a new and improved dual-toned scarf you can tie in a completely different way.

Besides bringing out your personality, colored scarves are also a way to brighten up the darker clothes of winter. With each winter seem to pop up more black and gray woolens and winter coats. A bold color or pattern adds some much-needed life into the sometimes too-bleak environment. Sometime this cold season, there will be a day when everything is going to seem wet and gloomy, but a splash of any bright color can always lighten the mood and add a sense of glee. If all that is left in your closet is a darker scarf, just grab a pin or a brooch and stick it in the front of your knotted scarf to add some life to it. Not only does that add instant decoration, it makes your scarf one-of-a-kind in a way that reflects your style.

Although scarves are often thought of as an accessory for women, plenty of men wear scarves and, in this weather, many more men probably wish they did. Whether it’s dark or bright, knit or jersey, wrapped around the neck or carelessly thrown over the shoulder, a scarf isn’t just limited to females when it comes to accessorizing and keeping warm. And if you’re still hesitant, remember that it’s getting a bit too cold to take your coat off for the girl without suffering and that good, thick scarf might suddenly come in handy.

If all that is keeping you back is a concern about what to do with your scarves after winter besides sticking them in the back of a drawer, don’t worry. If you have a skinny enough scarf, you can tie it around your waist as a belt. A wide and lighter one can be used as a sarong in the summer. If your scarf pattern is creative enough, you can always use it as creative wrapping paper for a present.

So, don’t wait. With the first snow of the season already on the ground and with more yet to come, it is definitely the time of year to dig out all the scarves you have, despite what the calendar may say.