Val Hacks: Morning Oats Galore

In this revival of Val Hacks, Alex Conklin ’25 shares a recipe for her daily breakfast: a scrumptious, coffee-infused oatmeal.

Val Hacks: Morning Oats Galore
Alex Conklin ’25 concocts a nutritious and delicious breakfast of oats, seeds, and fruit. Photos courtesy of Alex Conklin ’25.

Alex Conklin’s Morning Oats Galore™ provides a bountiful balance of energy, fiber, nutrients, and natural sweetness to sustain you throughout the day. She eats it every morning, and it is the envy of all. With this recipe, you can enjoy it, too.


  1. Pour two packs of Bob’s Instant Oatmeal into a salad-plate-bowl-dish. Extra oats from the oat dispenser are a good addition.

2. Pour in a half cup of any kind of coffee (I usually use decaf), and add a dash of almond milk.

3. Microwave for three minutes.

4. Add toppings of your choice and mix. Pumpkin, sunflower, and chia seeds from the salad bar work well. Also consider adding hemp hearts or chocolate chips!

5. Slice a whole banana and stir it into the oats.

6. Add a healthy glob of peanut butter.

7. Slice and add a whole apple.

8. For the final toppings, drizzle on honey and add a dash of cinnamon.

Bon appetit.