Website of the Week

Admittedly, this website isn’t for everybody. But though its name suggests otherwise, it’s not solely for movie fanatics or year-round Academy Award desperados, either. Updated every few weeks during off months and with unnerving frequency during the pre-Oscar crunch, Wesley Lovell’s site features categories such as Oscar hopefuls, Oscar history, film reviews, his personal Winner Prediction Success Rates and more.

While the site’s perpetual timeliness and single-minded focus is designed to prey on industry fanatics’ weak spots, who of us can disclaim at least a passing interest in movies? The Oscar hopefuls section gives clues as to which films might be of quality among the yearly dregs. In addition, its nominee predictions can’t help but arouse interest-most of us can root quite passionately for favorite performers. The ultimate killer is the message board, where constant and multifarious debates abound. Once you get caught in some horrible dispute as to the questionable use of M. Night Shyamalan’s talents or the merits of Tom Green vs. Adam Sandler, just try to go back to your “Secrets and Lies” multilith.