Website of the Week

This website is a rarity; it provides a free “Star Wars” movie for anyone with Internet access. Case in point: “Star Legos,” a short film production by Kevin “Zaph” Burfitt. Back in 1990, Burfitt and his “Torps Productions” crew decided to undertake a project that was supposed to be impossible with the technology available at the time. Using an early IBM compatible PC with a 286 chip, a frame capture card (early predecessor to the digital camera) and some software he wrote himself, Zaph created a short flipbook-like frame-capture film that reenacted the first few minutes of “Star Wars.” The video was made entirely using Legos that were painstakingly moved for every frame. In 1998, audio was added to the film, and later in 1999 it was made available online. Though the film lasts barely six minutes, it is an entertaining and possibly a disturbing peek into the psyche of a Jedi wannabe with too much time on his hands.