Website of the Week

Among the seemingly endless opportunities for wasting time on the Internet, may be the most effective in whittling away the hours. The site itself admits as much, professing itself to be “The ultimate guide to wasting time online.” With numerous engaging portals to explore, this site certainly lives up to that claim.

To access procrastination tools, visit the site’s “classics” section, which offers such games as Alcohol and Ammo, in which the player attempts to shoot an apple off a drunken redneck’s head with a range of weapons. Or, if one is not in a gaming mood, the “community” section lets people send electronic greeting cards to friends and provides chat rooms that let visitors chew the fat with fellow net surfers.

If you somehow exhaust the site’s ample supply of activities, don’t despair; provides links to other sites that offer “quality time wasting” to anyone in search of more entertaining drivel. So sit back, relax and know that while you will never get back the hours that you fritter away in front of your computer, they will at least have been spent at a site that makes no bones about wasting your time.