Website of the Week

“Everyone’s a director,” proclaims a banner on , a site dedicated to the amateur filmmaker in us all. But isn’t just a source for information-it allows anyone to submit an “eveo” for broadcast.

Just what are eveos, you ask? According to the site, they’re “personal and engaging short videos that convey unique creative visions.” But before you rush to send in a creation of your own, remember that submissions are scrutinized by professionals, so not just any schlock will suffice.

Still, the offerings are anything but traditional, running the gamut from eveos on the presidential election to a piece about a woman having her dead cat cloned. There are also videos created through the Eveo Mixer, a digital turntable for Internet users.

To promote independent filmmaking, the site also sponsors contests that reward budding filmmakers with funding for more ambitious projects or money for outstanding already produced films.

So for those of you aching for a creative outlet that might lead to bigger and better things, simply take a seat in your director’s chair and utter those three magical words of moviemaking: “Lights! Camera! Action!”