Wet weather slows down women golfers

“It was a really tough weekend, weather-wise, for our team,” said Head Coach Kay Cowperthwait. “It was freezing, windy and rainy most of Saturday and very chilly on Sunday.  The conditions made it difficult to score well, so we didn’t have our best rounds.”

“No one in the field did particularly well though,” added Captain Meg Sullivan ’05. “But regardless of the weather, everyone was pretty disappointed with the way they played and struck the ball.”

The team did not fare well on the first day of play as a result of rain and the freezing temperatures. At the end of the day, the women were in a disappointing 10th place with 379.

The women were disappointed by their performance on the first day and hoped to drastically improve on the second. The weather warmed slightly as the Jeffs hit the course. Although the team’s performance did improve on Sunday by 25 strokes as they shot 354, the team actually slipped a place to 11th.

“Sunday went a little better since nearly all of us improved upon our Saturday scores. This came partly from better conditions and partly from more knowledge about the golf course,” said Sullivan.

“Kathryn Kuchefski ’04 and Sarah Harper ’07 had steady performances, and the others made great improvement from the first round to the second,” added Cowperthwait.

Sullivan commented on Harper’s performance, as well as the team’s play as a whole. “Harper’s performance on Saturday was very impressive and it was good to see her continue her success from the last tournament,” she said.

“[The 11th place finish] was tough to swallow, but we did beat Wellesley [College], who is one of our rivals. We also have to put it in perspective because a lot of big Div. I schools were competing, many of which are in the Big East.”

Sullivan said that losing to Mount Holyoke College was especially disappointing. “They are probably our biggest rival and we also make it our goal every week to finish as the top Div. III team, but we have three more shots at them this season.”

One of these shots will come the weekend of April 17-18 at the Wellesley Invitational. Hoping for more practice and better weather, the women should get back on track for the rest of the spring season.