Ryan Yu

As Flexible Grading Endures for the Semester, Some Raise Issues of Equity

Provost and Dean of Faculty Catherine Epstein announced on April 15, in an email to students and faculty, that the college would keep its current grading policy — an extension of the Flexible Grading Option (FGO) to all courses this semester — in place, despite calls from numerous community members to move to mandatory pass/fail in response to the academic challenges posed by the coronavirus crisis.

Timeline: The Coronavirus Pandemic at Amherst College

Between January and March, COVID-19 transformed from a distant concern to a community-devastating epidemic for many Amherst students. The coronavirus has brought rapid change to the lives of students, faculty and staff in a matter of weeks. In an attempt to help the Amherst community process recent events, The Student has crafted the following timeline.

Campus Cast Into Turmoil After Decision to Move Students Off Campus

All classes will move online starting on March 23, and students must leave the campus over spring break in an effort to mitigate concerns over the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), according to an email sent just before 8 p.m. on March 9 by President Biddy Martin. Since the announcement, student pressure has caused the departure [...]