The Student’s Opinion section strives to represent a diverse range of voices and experiences from the Amherst community. If there’s an issue you care about and want to bring to the attention of the college community, we encourage you to submit an op-ed about it. To start the process, use this form to pitch your idea and follow up by sending your piece to [email protected]. Submissions should stay between 600-1,000 words and must be received by Saturday at 8 p.m. in order to run in the week’s issue. Editors reserve the right to work with you to edit a piece for clarity and Student style.

Writers looking to contribute regularly to the Opinion section may also opt to start their own column in the paper. If you’re interested in a certain niche or have a unique voice to share with the community, you would probably make a great columnist. If you don’t want to be a columnist, but you do want to start a community dialogue about something that might not fit in a single op-ed, you might also consider launching an opinion series! Check out the #IntegrateAmherst series from Spring 2019 to see an example of what that could look like. Pitches for columns and series can be submitted using the same form as linked above.