Ask DocTyler

You might remember me-I wrote in last week about a girl I had stolen from a friend of mine. Well, I took your advice and told my friend what I had done-now he hates me! You ruined my life! How do I rectify this? Should I even listen to you?

-Doubtful in Davis

Dear Doubtful,

This seems an opportunity for me to humble myself. As I told you last week, “We all make mistakes, especially when our judgement is impaired by alcohol.” The same holds as true for ex-college presidents as for college students. You see, I get lonely now and again, and I occasionally knock back a few sips of Jim Beam before perusing my mailbag. I apologize. Now, in my state of sobriety, I must tell you to stick with it: a good friendship will last through thick and thin, as they say. Sit down with your chum and talk things through, and you will find that the problem will solve itself.