Campus Conversation

This past friday, the Morrow Library was transformed into a ritzy arena for kosher wines and cheeses. The Jewish Social Council, holding its first major event of the semester, sponsored the festivities that entertained upwards of 70 guests at any given time.

“Nobody knows how to party like the Jews,” said Jacob Applebaum ’03. “The jazz band was kickin’.”

It was perhaps an unconventional location for such a major social event, but the Morrow Library was chosen with good reason. “We wanted it held in the Morrow Library because it conveyed a much cozier and less imposing atmosphere than the usual locations for social gatherings on campus,” said event coordinator Josh DuClos ’03.

The ambiance was unquestionably the key to the success of the event. The room was kept toasty by a blazing fire in the fireplace while a few members of the Amherst College Jazz Band provided soft musical accompaniment. As for the food and beverages-delectable. Four kosher wines were served, two white and two red.

“The event was designed to introduce both Jews and non-Jews to the great breadth of kosher wine options available, since most of have little knowledge of kosher wines beyond the common Manischewitz and Kadem Cream varieties,” said DuClos. In order to further increase kosher wine awareness, he prepared handouts on wine, wine tasting and kosher wines, “which I found people reading throughout the evening,” added DuClos. In addition to the fine kosher wines, students were able to dine on cheeses, French bread and grapes.

On a night when the only other social outlets began much later, wine and cheese provided a “little sophisticated fun on a Friday night,” according to DuClos.

Valentine, take two

Freshmen and upperclassmen alike celebrated Valentine’s day a second time this past Saturday,

at what most viewed as the first of the College’s infamous freshman dorm parties. Valentine definitely set the stage for these joys of springtime, which include the ever-popular competitive blowouts Stearns Returns and James Reclaims.

“As a former Valentine resident, we threw it down better than this year, but we both threw it down better than James or Stearns,” said Andy Sagor ’03.

Most upperclassmen recall their parties with nostalgic delight from their freshman days. “I thought it compared really well to last year’s party,” commented Kim Charles ’03, a former resident of Valentine. “Since it’s off the quad, this annual party does a great job of representing Valentine, so it doesn’t just fall into an oblivion.”

In the spirit of these second semester soirees, the residents of Valentine boasted a different drink in virtually every room, with even a smoking-friendly area on the third floor. Some, as many attendees quickly realized, were of higher quality than others. Favorites included the delicious Fresca and peach schnapps shots and the “screaming orgasm” shots. The “Jello shot waitresses” were also a welcome sight for party-goers.

The most popular drink of the evening by far were the Jello shots served by Jennifer Rada ’04 and Shanda Gomes ’04, who noted the increased friendliness of their male clientele over regular party nights. “People were acting like our best friends,” said Rada. “I had a large following of guys, who were all complimenting us on our great waitressing skills. There were repeated shouts of ‘There’s the jello shot girl!’ the whole night.”

All in all, the evening’s debauchery served as an admirable attempt to live up to past Valentine bashes. Based on Saturday night’s example of what a great party freshmen can throw, Valentine residents should be proud.

“I thought it was a lot of fun; people really seemed to be having a good time. I hope it changes people’s opinion of Valentine,” said Reed Knox ’04, a Valentine resident.