Campus Conversation

A nightclub … in Amherst?! Put your disbelief aside, because at least for one night there was one in Davis 202. “The idea was to break away from the typical Amherst party: nasty light, bad music and a homogenous group of people,” said Marcela Sabino ’02. “We hadn’t thrown a party all year and we wanted to make it special. We wanted to transform our suite into a club-Club Chic.”

For the debut of Club Chic, guests were invited by elegant, silver invitations, but everyone was welcome to the opening night. “Each one of us has an entirely different group of friends so there were representatives from nearly every facet of the Amherst College community,” said Sabino.

Complete with a bar, coat check and lounge, Club Chic was just that-chic. “[The lounge] ended up being a fire hazard, but it looked nice at the time,” said Sabino.

Hostesses Nyssa Francis ’02, Zeeya Jamal ’02, Sabino and Meena Srinivasa ’02 were not only able to successfully start up the party, but also to keep it going. “If you need to get rid of the cops and then start up a bomb party again, call these girls and they can do the job with a wink and a smile,” said Colgan Johnson ’03. (The cops did make an appearance and attempted to break up the party.)

With music ranging from hip-hop, salsa, pop, house, garage, reggae, Brazilian and even Indian, there was something for everyone’s dance palate. “Good looking people, good music, good drinks and awesome decorations-what more could you want on a Thursday night?” said Sylvia Sabino ’04.

Who knew that all the campus nightlife needed was a little class? “The next day we got several emails and shoutouts on planworld telling us that people loved the party and that we must throw another one,” said Sabino.

“The Davis 202 women are quite possibly the most fabulous women on this campus and wonderful hostesses,” said Lisa Friscia ’02. “The decorations, music and atmosphere were a lot of fun.”

If you missed the premiere of Club Chic and instead spent your weekend trying to claim the Olympic Gold for beirut, Club Chic will be opening its doors again soon. “Watch out for Part II: Ghetto Chic coming soon, brought to you by Marvela, Meena, Nyssa and Zeeya-the Davis 202 women,” said Sabino.

Chill yo’ shit

Free shit!!! “The event was fan appreciation and the free shit was actually just a way to get people to read the signs,” said SoCo Co-chair John Frechette ’02. “It was part of a new effort to get to see if we could get more people involved in the sporting events at Amherst and to create school spirit.”

So what shit did SoCo choose to give away for free shit?-Amherst shit, of course. T-shirts, a mug and hat bearing the school’s name were among the raffle prizes that were given away between periods, as well as an Amherst blanket, which mascot Tripp Whitbeck ’03 took home. DVD’s and Antonio’s gift certificates werre also among the loot. “Free stuff is always good,” said Elissa Landes ’04.

“I think being a fan at a game is a good way to meet and talk with people,” said SoCo Co-chair Meredith Demueles ’02.

According to Frechette, the hockey team was chosen because he’s on it, but since the event was a success SoCo’s likely to extend it to other sports teams at Amherst. “The team was really excited to see a full house and pulled out a big win thanks to the help of the cheering fans,” Frechette said.