Campus Police Log: April 17 to April 26

The latest installment of the Police Log, from April 17 to April 26, can be found here.

>>April 17, 2022

2:18 p.m., Ford Hall

Amherst College Police Department (ACPD) dispatch received a call from the emergency elevator phone in Ford Hall. No one was found in need of assistance.

>>April 18, 2022

5:02 p.m., Valentine Dining Hall

ACPD responded to a 911 hang-up. Upon arrival, they met with an employee who stated it was accidental.

>>April 19, 2022

3:43 p.m., Amherst College Police Station

ACPD dispatch received a call on the emergency line (x2111), which was found to be an accidental call by a town resident.

5:25 p.m., Keefe Health Center

ACPD dispatch received a call from an emergency blue phone and spoke to the caller. No further police assistance was needed.

>>April 21, 2022

1:24 a.m., Boltwood Avenue/College Street

ACPD and Amherst Police Department responded to a report of a suspicious male at the bus stop. After searching the area, the male described by the caller was not found.

10:04 a.m., King Dormitory

An electrician responded to a resident who was stuck in the dorm elevator. Student was able to be released.

4:09 p.m., Conway Field House

Amherst Police Department received a 911 hang up. ACPD investigated and found it to be an accidental call by a staff member.