Campus Speak

HECTOR LUGO ’04 “Graduating high school and being on my own. I lived a way sheltered life.”

PHIL W. TUCKER ’03 “When I realized I was never going to learn to ride a bike.”

KIM KWEI ’04 “Getting rejected from the college I wanted to go to and coming here.”

LISA KNOPF ’05 “The winter dance of my junior year. I broke every rule that was ever set for me. I then became a badass.”

CHRIS OWENS ’03 “Going to boarding school, because it was a very big transition.”

LEORA MACCABEE ’05 “Probably when my sister was born, because she’s my best friend.”

JAE HEE CHANG ’05 “My death. A lot of people get famous posthumously, so why not?”

CHRIS VIGORITO ’04 “I had a revelation to become a Buddhist monk and quit the music industry.”

PAT MCGEE ’02 “Coming to Amherst; it made me grow

up as a human being.”